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Terms and Conditions


  • A-S – and its owners, affiliates, employees, successors, and assigns.
  • You(r) - You or any company, person, or organization you represent.
  • Media - Any Image, Illustration, Animation, Text or any other item that You may display on your Web Site.
  • Referral - Any person, organization or company that You refer to A-S who successfully registers and pays in full and indicates to A-S that you referred them.

    1. WEB SITES

  • You agree that A-S can suspend, or remove any part of, or in it's entirety, Your Web Site at any time if You do not abide by the provisions within this agreement. And furthermore, You agree that A-S is only responsible for compensating You on any remaining time that You may have paid for in the event that A-S removes your Web Site in its entirety.
  • A-S agrees to take all reasonable efforts to keep technical difficulties to a minimum, however You agree that A-S is not responsible for compensating You in any way for technical difficulties, errors or other problems that may result in Your Web Site being unavailable, off-line or seemingly dysfunctional.
  • You agree that Your website will be hosted on A-S's own servers and access to edit Your website is only available via the Control Panel.
  • You agree that all information You present and all Media You display in Your Web Site is Your own responsibility and that A-S is not responsible for it in any capacity, including but not limited to Media that infringes on copyrights, model rights or property owners' rights. You further agree to compensate A-S for any and all legal, court and damages fees that A-S may have to pay as a result of displaying any Media that appears in Your Web Site.
  • You agree to not display any pornographic, liable or slanderous Media in your Web Site.
  • You agree that this service is non-refundable, should You decide that You no longer wish to use it after purchasing it.
  • You agree that all source files pertaining to the template of your web site are the property of A-S who have soul access to them and that you are as such leasing the site from A-S for the agreed period, furthermore these source files are non transferable.
  • You agree that any domain name purchased on Your behalf will remain the property of A-S until such a time that You request it to be transferred into Your name. A-S agrees to transfer the domain to Your ownership, at such a time, if Your account is in good standing. Furthermore, A-S reserves the right to choose the registrar who will perform the transfer. Any additional charges occurred as a result of the transfer will be charged to You.
  • You agree to use A-S's ecommerce features at your own risk. You agree to NOT hold A-S responsible for any financial loss or incurred damages by You or Your customers for any reason resulting from the use of A-S's ecommerce features. Furthermore You agree to NOT hold A-S responsible for any financial losses or incurred damages by You or Your customers that may arise from using PayPal's ecommerce features. Furthermore, You agree to display, without modification, an A-S disclaimer on the purchase page of Your Website.
  • You agree that A-S has the right to collect any unpaid payments through Our choice of collection agency, should you fail to complete any payments or fail to pay the cancellation fee.
  • You agree to notify A-S of your intent to not renew your subscription by email no less than 14 days before Your subscription expires (A-S will send you renewal reminder notices by email 60, 30, 14 and 7 days before your subscription expires. Subsctiption is started the day that work begins on your web site.). If A-S purchased Your domain, and You fail to notify A-S as specified, You agree to pay A-S the balance to reimburse A-S for the charge A-S incurred to renew Your domain name.

  • A-S agrees to give you 10% off your renewal fees for every Referral you give A-S.
  • You agree that A-S has the right to terminate or suspend this referral promotion at any time and without notice to You.

  • A-S has the right to alter this agreement at anytime so long as you have been notified within 1 day of doing so. You will continue to act under the old agreement for a period of 15 days. If You do not make objections to the new agreement in writing or by email within 15 days from the date of notification, Your silence will be an indication that you have accepted to act under the new agreement from that day on.
  • If you are unsure of your usage rights under this license agreement contact