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'Shopping in Victoria' image of original painting by Carolyn King who has an online portfolio with

Carolyn King -

"Having my own Art website was the best single thing I have done to promote my own paintings. It immediately gives one credibility and is a very accessible instant art gallery. On recent travels it was invaluable to showcase my work and enabled me to attract some exciting commissions. What I like about art spaces is the ease with which one can have a completely unique web site. Nik has a very intuitive feel for what each artist wants and an exciting web site design quickly evolves from shared ideas. The pages are very easy to update with text and new images and if there are any queries Nik always responds very promptly"

'Gnome' image of original painting by Richard Woods who has an online portfolio with

Richard Woods -

ďArt-spaces provided my business with an easy-to use website that allows my clients to see a whole range of my art work. Iíve had people from all over the world contact me through my website. When contacting galleries itís an easy way for them to have quick access to view my work.
The designer was very helpful and provided great service. He gave me a simple format which allows me to update images of my work, update text and show upcoming exhibitions and publications. This is everything an artist needs from their website. I look forward to continued success with it.Ē"

'Jazz' image of original painting by Peter Clarke who has an online portfolio with

Peter Clarke -

"Being computer incompatable, I found Art-Spaces extremely patient and always available for any fears or enquiries I had regarding the construction of my web-site, and now it is up and running, they will still give me answers to any queries I may have. Now every-one in the world who is connected can have a look at my work...... "

'Canadian Crawl' image of original painting by Paul Mckee who has an online portfolio with

Paul McKee, Ma PGCE -

Arts Development Officer, Cheltenham Borough Council

"I have been looking to create a web-site for some time, but I was nervous of what it entailed and what it would cost. There seem to be a lot of people making shed loads of money out there from creating web-sites for commercial bodies and I was frightened of being taken to the cleaners. I also wanted something simple, classy and easy to navigate for a reasonable price - oh, and someone to hold my hand through the process - that is what I got with Art-Spaces. I have spent the last twenty years as a museum professional and I am used to looking at artists work presented in various forms and I know that the first impressions are crucial. I am thrilled that I now have a cracking site that I can refer people to when they ask, in that very patronising way, "what do you do?" Thanks, I feel better about myself as an artist since finding you."

'Invite' image of original painting by Beth Richardon who has an online portfolio with

Beth Richardson -

"Art-Spaces is the ideal package for artists who are continually producing new work and who are looking for exposure on the internet which has a unique, visually exciting impact.
The art-spaces designer worked with me and my work allowing me to organise and present my work within a personal and professional template. I was amazed at the amount of information and images I could include in it. It is user-friendly and I can add new work as I make it.
Having a website has been an invaluable part of my art career so far, facilitating sales and exhibition opportunities, artists networking, feedback via the guestbook and worldwide exposure. "

'Invite' image of original painting by AM Whaley who has an online portfolio with

AM Whaley -

"The best part about working with art-spaces is its simplicity and flexibility. Because it is so easy to use I want to try different arrangements of images and I am able to update events and information very easily.
I have been invited to take part in several exhibitions based on work seen on the site.
Nik also helped me with the design of the site and a business card. The service is efficient, professional and very cost effective."

'Pickle' original Illustration by Melissa Simm who has an online portfolio with

Melissa Sim -

Nik has an uncanny ability to make your website ideas a reality. He manages to capture the artists own style and character on a web page without losing the professional look that a website needs.
He makes it straight forward and simple to use, but he is also at hand if you encounter any problems so that you as an artist can get back to what youíre really good at!

'Gerbera' original photograph by Jennifer Kuhr who has an online portfolio with

Jennifer Kuhr -

'Fantastic web site package that is user friendly,simple and smart in design. It enables artists to easily create and change their gallery, to update information themselves at any time and with minimum effort and to give the web site a touch of their own by adding initial key designs.
Excellent service supplying everything that one needs to take the first steps online with confidence. I am amazed. Thank you very much'

'Light' original photograph by Diane Thiesen who has an online portfolio with

Diane Thiessen -

"Such a simple and effective way to get your work on the net, even within an hour of finishing it, it enables you to see the work in a new context and make a site which is exactly as you want it. Helpful, friendly, patient advice if needed. A good company to be with."

'Beach Path' original painting by Mary Herdman who has an online portfolio with

Mary Herdman -

"Art-Spaces has fulfilled everything I have asked of it. I have benefited in many ways. Comments have all been favourable on the design and accessibility of the site. And the control panel gives me easy access and has improved my computer skills. The site has given me an opportunity to share my work with friends and acquaintance's, and given me an easy way to approach galleries. I have a meeting with a gallery tomorrow. Watch this space! "