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Online Artists Portfolio

'Seen' image of original painting by Beth Richardson who has an online portfolio with

Portfolio Pages and Slide Show

Your online portfolio is organised into 8 individually named, easy to navigate galleries with 10 images in each. The first portfolio page is a selection of 8 thumbnails of your work which the viewer clicks to enter each gallery. The viewer is then presented with 10 thumbnails of your work - clicking on them enlarges them and opens up the slide show view which the viewer can use to peruse the rest of your portfolio either manually or with an automated slide show.

To view an example of this have a look at this Example Artists Web Site once the page has loaded click gallery to see the portfolio section.

Download Lock

Unlike most web sites in which visitors can right click an image to download it to their desktop for their personal use, our sites are designed with artists in mind, using Flash which has a download lock preventing viewers from using your work without your permission.